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Sincerely, kn: G for Gelato

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The day I decided to go make my own Gelato instead of going to the Gym, because G stands for Gelato.

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G for Gelato (@gforgelato) is located in the St. Lawrence area, with large open windows out front on the corner of Jarvis and Adelaide.

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Besides offering baked goods and coffee, they offered: Gelato.
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And they also serve pizza!
I was invited here by Zomato, where we had the opportunity to try the gelato flavours available (my favorite was the peanut butter & jelly one!) and also some of their hot foods that they serve.

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All the pizzas were SO good. My favorite ones were the Pizza Primavera and Salsiccia. I think the other ones would also be delicious if they weren’t cold (I eat too slow, boo).

And it’s back to the gelato. To prepare us with the flavours, we were given 12 dishes of different additions we could put in our gelato for extra flavour. I don’t remember all of them but the ones that stood out to me was the hazelnut mix, as well as the one that tasted like a ferraro rocher. SO good.

2015-08-31 20.07.41
And then we headed down to their gelato-making kitchen to figure out what we would like to make.

2015-08-31 21.13.46

It was perfect timing for us to see the gelato girls scoop out some chocolate gelato from their machines. They were complete pros as they took the gelato coming out of this machine and made it into this delicious looking thing below.

2015-08-31 21.15.46

Like how?! It looks simple but oh trust me when I say it isn’t. I tried to do it afterwards and failed SO hard lol!!

2015-08-31 21.16.50

Anyways, here was our recipe :) not so secret anymore hehe. We decided to try to make a peach blueberry mojito tasting gelato.
We added in all our fruit syrups and cream with some mint leaves.

2015-08-31 21.24.35

And then we mix!! You have this massive mixer that helps mix your ingredients in less than a minute – very impressive.

2015-08-31 21.59.53

After chilling it for a while, they put it in the machine and it was time to churn it out. Here’s me trying very hard to scoop it into the containers and completely failing. Look at how ugly that container is hahaha. Oops.

But regardless of what happened, here were all of our final products:

2015-08-31 22.28.52

Look how gorgeous it all looks!!! And I have to say, it tasted even better than it looks!
A huge shout out to Zomato for organizing such a fun meet up with delicious gelato and pizza, and for Shant for hosting all of us ‘professional eaters’ :) !

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