G for Gelato

G For Gelato ”G for Gelato + Espresso Bar has quickly become one of my favourite gelato and coffee bars in the city since it’s opening back in 2011.

G is a family run cafe which serves authentic Italian fare, including pizzas, panini’s, various desserts, a wide array of coffee including espressos, americanos, lattes and cappucinos, and most importantly the gelato which is made in-house with natural ingredients.

What’s unique about G is that not only do they offer all of the traditional gelato flavours including hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry etc., but they are not afraid to experiment with new flavours such as my personal favourite London Fog a earl grey tea flavour  and Ginger Chocolate.  I have noticed new flavours being introduced including apple pie, chocolate coconut, peanut butter and jelly, pina colada, and even maple bacon. These guys really know their gelato and on  hot summer night it is worth a stroll in the neighborhood to get a taste.

Creative Flavours


Wide variety of Flavours


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